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Apr 23, 2018

Jonny and Yusef from dropped in again for another Life Hacks episode where we detail a selection of our favourite apps, websites, resources and tools for a productive and efficient life.

Find out our choice for the undisputed king of wireless headphones, how cutting your workload up into 25 minute blocks can turbocharge your productivity and how a green smoothie can make your daily movements as regular as the passage of the sun.

Extra Stuff:

Unfollow the people that you hate on social media.

Train more frequently but have shorter sessions.

Tick the boxes of things you NEED to do first thing on a morning.

Apple AirPods - 

Have a “waiting for” list.

Do Pomodoros with Be Focused Pro - 

Buy an automatic car.

Anki Spaced Repetition Software - 

Hack your fruit & veg intake with a greens smoothie.

VSCO Cam - 

Check out everything I recommend from books to products and help support the podcast at no extra cost to you by shopping through this link -


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