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May 23, 2019

Tiago Forte is a blogger, company owner and productivity coach.

We all use digital tools, and some of us spend most of our lives at their mercy. Today we are going to learn the most effective process for having a productive digital life.

Tiago has created nothing short of a curriculum for maximising your digital productivity and on this episode he takes us through his entire process including all his favourite recommendations for apps and tactics. This is straight gold, do not sleep on it.

Extra Stuff:

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The original blog post which inspired this episode -

AirPods -

Pocket -

InstaPaper -

Calendly -

Superhuman -

1Password (Code MODWISDOM for 3 Months Free) -

Things -

Alfred App -

Be Focused Timer -

One Touch To Inbox Zero article -

Hours Tracker -

Getting Things Done by David Allen -

Evernote (with referral gains) -

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