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Feb 24, 2020

Jonny & Yusef join me as our most popular series returns! Here we go with another Life Hacks episode as we detail our favourite apps, websites, resources and products for a productive and efficient life.

Expect to learn... How to send blog posts direct to your Kindle, the best electric toothbrush, how to add 20g of Protein to every cereal bowl, a pocket-sized upgrade to your holiday luggage, the best low calorie ice cream, how to flawlessly navigate a city, and much more!

This episode is brought to you by Barebells & Nocco. Buy one in the nearest shop you find - you'll thank me later!!

Extra Stuff:

Barebells In Cereal

Soda Stream -

Asda Finest Dark Chocolate Cherry Granola

Little Drawstring Bag - Reebok

Travel Safe -

Amazing Grass Greens Powder

If you’re buying flavoured things, get chocolate

Always buy two tickets for events

Send to Kindle for Chrome & Mac -

Ben & Jerry’s Moo Phoria 

Allow the manufacturer to do your portion control for you

Nomo Bag


Journal one bad thing a day and make it positive

Have a better email signature

Eat, sleep & train at the same time

Minimum Viable Product for habits

Toro Phone Sleeve -

Emirates > OnAir > Client ID 3 Numbers

EatLean Cheese Protein Hamper -

Amazon Hourglass -

Wash up after cooking

SonicAir Toothbrush -

Follow PropaneFitness Online -

Take a break from alcohol and upgrade your life -

Check out everything I recommend from books to products -


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