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Jan 13, 2022

Hamza is a personal development coach and a YouTuber.

Many young guys would rather watch porn and play video games than connect with the real world. This creates swathes of lonely, disconnected men and leaves women with fewer and fewer good options in the dating market. Meanwhile, Red Pill YouTube and the Manosphere can be a negative influence which keeps men stuck and demonises women, rather than helping everyone become better, happier, more attractive people.

Expect to learn the biggest mistakes Hamza made when improving himself, why Fresh & Fit need to take food out of their mouth, Hamza's thoughts on Britney Spears getting naked on Instagram, how to avoid being Black Pilled with a growth mindset, if Hamza thinks the future of dating will be polygamous, why the manosphere sees women as the enemy, Hamza's reaction to Mikhaila Peterson and Rollo Tomassi's debate and much more...


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