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Jan 5, 2023

Jonny & Yusef from Propane Fitness join me for a new year's Life Hacks episode.

Sit back & enjoy as we run through our favourite tools, apps, websites, strategies & resources for a productive and efficient life.

Expect to learn the best sleep supplements we've found, how to get served faster at every restaurant, how to fix tennis elbow, why you need multiple gym memberships, a fix for caffeine dependency, Jonny's best new app for tracking your diet, how to beat procrastination, where to find the secret Pret a Manger in Heathrow Terminal 5, how to never lose your way during a speech again and much more...


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Extra Stuff:

Access Propane's Free Training - 

Do an annual review - 

Use a redlight lamp BlockBluLight - 

Remember the server’s name

Rotate your training days

Eat the most boring meal of the day post-workout

Multiple gym memberships

Use Cronometer - 

Use Athletic Greens - 

Use MacroFactor -

Theraband Flexbar - 

Hack Productivity With The Zeigarnik Effect by leaving sentences part-finished.

Andrew Huberman’s Sleep Cocktail - 

Reset the context if you lose your way during a speech

Every other day caffeine use

Turn boring tasks into a game by creating arbitrary deadlines

Norlo Lightly Caffeinated Coffee - 

Houjicha - 

Install a USB charger in your bathroom

Use a safety bar

Bring your dumbbells up overhead during lateral raises

Use as little weight as you need

Access Spotlight from the homescreen by swiping down

2nd pret at Gate A3 Heathrow Terminal 5

Sneak into the business lounge South at Heathrow Terminal 5

Brass Against on YouTube - 

Always ask for room turn down in a hotel when checking in

Watch Knives Out Glass Onion

Watch Devil’s Hour

Watch Treason

Watch Litvinienko

Watch The Night Manager

Watch The Suspect

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