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Apr 10, 2018

Jonny and Yusef from join me as we discuss the topic of phone addiction. The problem of excessive tech use is almost universally acknowledged by pretty much anyone with a smartphone, but very few of us are aware of the teams of software engineers, warehouses of supercomputers and decades of research goes into manipulating you to click that link, watch that video or download that app.

An argument is often made that technology is neutral and that it is our decision of how we use it, but our phone's intrusion into our lives is so calculated and manipulative that the deck is stacked firmly against us making a choice we're fully in control of. I genuinely believe that Humane Technology and Ethical Persuasion will be a huge topic over the coming years, hopefully we can kickstart your interest into the subject here...

On this episode, learn the tactics used by social media websites to manipulate you to stay on site, discover our favourite strategies for taking back control of your phone use and find out why you definitely shouldn't buy a dildo on Facebook Marketplace.

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