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May 25, 2020

Greg McKeown is a public speaker, leadership & business strategist and New York Times Bestselling Author.

Do you feel busy but not productive? Like you're overworked but under-utilised? Do you struggle with information overload?

Success breeds options & opportunities, which often undermines the things that lead to...

May 23, 2020

Alex Kantrowitz is a Senior Tech Reporter at Buzzfeed and an author.

The biggest tech companies on the planet are incredibly dominant and today we discover what is inside each of them that drives their competitive edge.

Expect to learn why powerpoint is banned from Amazon, what a one-to-one meeting with Mark Zuckerberg...

May 21, 2020

Today I am joined by Jonny & Yusef from PropaneFitness.

The Fitness Menopause is a concept we've been talking about for a while. It describes the transition from bro (or chick) lifting to a more rounded fitness regime as you leave your 20's or 30's behind and start to fully indulge your true exercising passions.


May 18, 2020

Johann Hari is a writer & a journalist.

Rates of depression are at an all time high and yet pharmaceutical drugs have never been more widely used. If depression is simply an imbalance of chemicals in the brain - what's going on?

Johann is my favourite writer on depression and this episode has been 2 years in the making....

May 16, 2020

Stephen Hicks is a Professor at Rockford University and an author.

Socialism & Postmodernism are terms thrown around a lot but I don't really understand what they are. Thankfully Stephen does.

Expect to learn a great primer on the foundational principles underpinning socialism and post modernism, how these movements...