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Feb 3, 2022

Dr. Nate Zinsser is the Director of West Point's Performance Psychology Program, a Mental Performance Coach and an author.

Having genuine faith in our abilities is a trait all of us want. To be able to step into our chosen arena and not only perform well but to do it without dreading that we'll fail. Nate has coached some of the US Army's best and brightest for 3 decades alongside world champion NBA, NHL, NFL and track & field stars to fulfil their potential and create true confidence.

Expect to learn how to stop negative self talk, why self-deception is a tool you can use to enhance performance, what Dr Zinsser learned about confidence from Lady Gaga, how to break a negative performance cycle, how to overcome negative experiences, how to deal with imposter syndrome, Dr Zinsser's daily practices to tie everything together and much more...


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